The Pax 3 Portable dry herb vaporizer features a mobile app to help customise your device and your session 📱The future is now, people, controlling our legal herb vapour with our phones 🤘


Ah yes, the Pax 3 Portable dry herb vaporizer, one of the dry herb vaporisers I recommend without fail. This award winning dry herb vaporizer is an essentially bit of kit if you’re always on the move and enjoy the vaping method when consuming your medicinal cannabis or rosemary. The Pax 3 features everything you loved about the Pax 2, and then some! 😲

The Pax 3 now features an oven that heats up in only 20 seconds, it now works with both waxy and solid concentrates and a 25% increased battery capacity so you can get more out of a single charge.

Who is the Pax 3 for?

In an ideal world, everybody would be using this bad boy and basking in sweet, legal herb…but I digress.

The Pax 3 is ideal for someone that is looking for a discreet dry herb vaporizer that looks fantastic, clean and professional, as well as being incredibly powerful and easy to use. Sound like you? 👊

This vaporizer is a truly fantastic device and it’s made better still by the accompanying Pax App that gives you the ability to take full control of your smoking sesh and give you more customisation of your device!

What’s in the box?

Inside the standard, basic (not the complete kit), you will expect to see:

  • Your Pax 3 device (obviously)
  • Flat Mouthpiece
  • Raised Mouthpiece
  • USB Charger
  • Maintenance Kit
  • Standard Oven Lid

Showcase of Pax 3 and Pax App

What is the Pax 3 complete kit?

Everything in the “basic kit” up there ☝️☝️

The Pax 3 complete kit is your kit to upgrading your smoking experience even more. The complete kit comes with:

  • Half-Pack Oven Lid
  • Concentrate Insert
  • Multi-Tool (Keychain)
  • 3 Oven Screens
But, but…what’s the difference between the Pax 3 and the Pax 2?
  • The Pax 3 works with flower/herb and concentrates, whereas the Pax 2 only works with flower/herb 🌿
  • The heat time on this device is half that of the Pax 2, coming in at about 20 seconds compared the Version 2’s 40 seconds ⏱️
  • 4+ temperature modes if you use the Pax App vs Pax 2’s 4 temperature modes 🌡️
  • The Pax 3 now has Pax App, which allows you to do more with your device. the Pax 2 does not have Pax App connectivity. 📱
  • 10 year warranty vs Pax 2 2 years warranty ✨
The Pax warranty

At PAX® Labs we design the world’s most reliable, high-performance, smart vaporizers with conductive heating technology.

Our research and development teams at our laboratories in San Francisco (California) use state-of-the-art technology and materials of the highest quality and reliability.

That’s why all PAX® vaporizers are identified with a unique engraved serial number that guarantees origin and traceability.

So when you buy a PAX®, you are guaranteed to be getting one of the best vaporizers on the market with a manufacturer’s warranty of up to 10 years*.

*PAX 3TM 10-year manufacturer’s warranty

PAX 2® 2-year manufacturer’s warranty


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Complete Kit, Basic Kit


Midnight Rain Deluxe Edition, Onyx, Sand

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