With the RAWTomatic Rolling Box, you can rolling skinny or thick 1 1/4″ Rolling Papers & King Size Rolling Papers. This upgraded rolling box is built to last, is adjustable and makes life so much easier! 🤌

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A modern take on an old classic, RAW have improved the rolling box experience with their RAWTomatic Rolling Box. The original rolling box was flawed in many ways, it only let you roll 79mm single-wide skins and the cloth apron was too flexible, which would distort your rolls and overall very fiddly.

Enter the RAWTomatic, the Rolling Box V2 if you will, a completely new take on the original rolling box. The box can roll 1 1/4″ Rolling Papers and King Size Rolling Papers, for a start. The rolling mechanism uses extra-strong rivets that allow for constant use for many, many years; a downfall of its predecessor. The previous cloth apron is now non-stick and non-stretch, which will only improve the resulting roll and the rolling box experience.

The RAWTomatic Rolling Box is also adjustable which allows you to roll ’em skinny or roll ’em thick, depends what kind of day you’re having, I guess 🌿💨😮‍💨

How to use the RAWTomatic Rolling Box?

I’d be doing an injustice if I tried to explain how to use the RAWtomatic Rolling Box myself, when the fantastic Josh kesselman has made a brilliant video explaining the secrets of the box, seen below: