The RAW Cone Snuffer is perfect for conserving your smoking and efficiently extinguishing your partial 🧯

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Innovation from RAW seen yet again, the RAW Cone Snuffer is great for conserving your smoke! The large conically-shaped center hole is for gently extinguishing your cone while the round tap points are to easily (and cleanly) scrape off your excess ash.

The magnet at the bottom of the snuffer is for easy attachment to any RAW metal rolling tray so it stays put and keeps your ashes from going everywhere!

The snuffer is especially handy if you like to smoke and work, you can perfectly extinguish your partial and then return to it after you have finished working. It’s also great if you didn’t anticipate how much you’d already smoked and need to end the night early. 😮‍💨

Did you know that RAW also make RAWSOME smoking accessories?

The RAW Cone Snuffer is a part of RAW’s collection of smoking accessories. RAW don’t just do rolling papers and they actually make some really interesting, fun and original smoking accessories. If you’re a fan of everything RAW, you can find an even wider range of fantastic RAW products that you maybe didn’t know existed over in our smoking accessories category.

From RAW Rolling machines to RAW Cone holders, you’re bound to find something new!

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