The RAW Bucket Hat is perfect for keeping the sun out of your already red eyes 😉 plenty of room for added comfort and convenient pouches for easy transportation of your smoking accessories

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Who doesn’t love RAW? Who doesn’t love a bucket hat? The RAW Smokerman Bucket Hat is the perfect 420 lifestyle apparel for any seasoned stoner. As with most RAW smoking accessories, the Smokerman Hat features a small compartment on either side of the hat designed for holding pre-rolls, tubes, papers or lighters, so you’ll have your gear with you when you’re out enjoying the sun.

No need to make your eyes more red than they already are 😉

The RAW Bucket hat is made from 100% cotton and has an elastic closure to help fit snuggly on your head. These hats are available in both Medium or Large sizes in Black or Camo colours

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Black, Camo