RAW Black Classic King Size Rolling Papers are the crème de la crème of dry-herb smoking, who wouldn’t want that patented slow, clean burn? 🌿🚬


The RAW Black Classic King Size Slim Rolling Papers were designed for the artisan smoker who wants a longer smoke. RAW Black papers were introduced to be the thinnest rolling papers in RAW’s lineup. They’re so thin from being doubled pressed, that they’re virtually flavourless, meaning you can expect to taste all of your beautiful flavonoids and terpenes in your dry herb of choice 😉

  • Slow burning ✅
  • Practically flavourless ✅
  • No added dyes or chalk ✅
  • Unbleached ✅
About RAW and their range of RAW Black rolling papers

This unique artisan paper is produced in the Alcoy region of Spain where the dry Valencian winds make humidity optimally low. RAW papers are made from natural plants with zero burn additives.

RAW Black papers were released in 2017 to target the more experienced smoker that prefers a nice slow, clean burn. Not to say that this isn’t the quality provided with all of the RAW product range, RAW Blacks are specifically for this experience. RAW Black are double-pressed to be EXTRA fine and produce RAW’s thinnest ever rolling paper.

These exceedingly thin rolling papers result in an extra slow, extra clean burn, enabling you to get the full taste and experience from your precious dry herb! It’s important to note that the extra-thin RAW Black rolling papers are designed for the more seasoned dry herb consumer 🥦 they’re quite thin and hard to roll, so if you can’t roll, I strongly recommend a rolling machine.

 When you purchase any RAW product from It’s Just a Herb, you can rest assured knowing that all of our products are legitimate and verified. We source all of our products from RAW-approved distributors to bring only the CLEANEST smoking products to the market. 

RAW Black Classic King Size Slim Rolling Papers, each book contains 32 leaves and each box contains 50 books.

The quality of your smoking products and smoking accessories are assured when you order online from the UK #1 online headshop/smoke shop. 🎉

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