Introducing the Chongz 55mm 7-part POD Grinder, an amazing modular design for a grinder with plenty of storage, backup teeth & mesh, anti-buildup teeth and fine or large holes for material to pass through 😎


The Chongz 55mm 7-part POD Grinder is an absolute behemoth and probably one of my personal favourites when it comes to herb grinding. Chongz really had this grinder figured out and they’ve thought of everything. It’s a large modular grinder with 7 PARTS, that’s right…7, which I’ll explain shortly! The design is made from lightweight aluminium but feels sturdy and sleek, presented in an amazing padded case. This herb grinder screams “quality”.

In the top section of the Chongz 55m 7 part POD Grinder, you’ll find your backup mesh and teeth, but it also doubles down as a storage container for your ground material, which is extremely handy if you regularly grind more than 1 joints worth of culinary herb 😉 In the second section, you’ll find your main diamond cut teeth and magnet locking system to help aid smooth grinding. There are also small teeth on the lower sides of the compartment to prevent build up, which as we know, is very annoying 😭

The collection chamber is large and deep, with a clear glass window so that you can see what’s happening inside. Same for the kief collector at the bottom, the compartment is large, deep and has a plastic scraper for collecting your trichome gold ✨

Because it’s modular as well, you can remove sections as you see fit, meaning you can turn it in to a compact, portable herb grinder! The Chongz 55mm 7-part POD Grinder really has everything you could possibly need for grinding up some high quality bud. No disappointments from Chongz with this one.

This is a very unique grinder and perfect for anyone looking for a modular herb grinder to add to their collection.

The breakdown

If you’re frequently grinding a lot of herb, we definitely recommend this product.

  • Huge 7 piece design that fits lots of herb
  • Backup fine mesh sieve for trichome collection
  • Sleek, durable aluminium design
  • Modular herb grinder that allows for compact design
  • Teeth on the sides to stop build up of ground, sticky herb

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Blue, Green, Black, Silver

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