Even if you don’t like traditional tea โ˜•, you’ll still love the health benefits and flavourful tea by Cannaline CBD Tea

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Cannaline CBD Tea is the perfect solution for any tea lover looking to get in their daily dose of CBD. โ˜•

The Cannaline tea range come in a variety of different flavours, all with different ingredients that do different things. From supporting memory, to promoting blood circulation in the brain and further supporting brain health. These teas can be enjoyed once or twice a day, I prefer having a Memory & Focus tea in the morning and a Relaxation tea at night ๐Ÿ’ค

More importantly, these CBD tea’s are Vegan friendly, contain no artificial colourings or flavours, and are super effective at lifting your mood and making you feel better. Start your day off right and switch out the Earl Grey ๐Ÿ‘€

How do I consume the tea, Mr. Herb?

I’m not going to tell you how to make a tea. Chances are, if you’ve purchased these CBD tea bags, you’re a dab hand at making a tea. However, we do have one suggestion; steep the tea bag for at least 15 minutes in boiling water to get the most out of the tea bag, and to make sure you infuse all of that CBD and good stuff.

What do the different flavours do? Which one should I buy?

Below is a breakdown of all of the flavours offered by Cannaline CBD Tea and what each flavour/variant does.

  • Cannaline CBD Tea – Memory & Focus
    • The herbal mixture in the Memory & Focus CBD tea are effective at supporting memory, increasing circulation in the brain and general brain health. Gingko is an extract that comes from Gingko biloba tree’s in China, known to have a plethora of benefits. Ginkgo has a high level of flavonoids and terpenes (weird, a plant with a lot of flavonoids and terpenes can do wonders for you…except for that horrible cannabis plant /s ๐ŸŒฟ) which are compounds known for their strong antioxidant effects. Coupled with the antioxidant powder from theย vervain, rosemary and green tea, this tea will have you ready to go. The ingredients are also known to increase blood circulation, help long-term memory and can reduce anxiety.
  • Cannaline CBD Tea – Immune system
    • Echinacea, nettle, rosehip and mint support your body’s natural defences and contribute to the normal function of the respiratory system. Ginkgo supports the microcirculation of the blood system, normal brain activity and mental balance. Sea buckthorn boosts the immune system and provides energy. Hemp has a relaxing effect.
  • Cannaline CBD Tea – Relax & Anti-stress
    • Lemon balm, chamomile and lavender help maintain a positive mood, promote relaxation and good sleep. Mint facilitates smoother digestion. Heather supports normal urinary tract function. Rosehip supports kidney and bladder function. Hemp has a relaxing effect.
  • Cannaline CBD Tea – Detox
    • Heather and knotweed support normal urinary tract function. Turmeric supports normal liver function. Mint and turmeric promote digestion. Bidens contributes to the good condition of skin. Rosehip supports kidney and bladder function. Hemp has a relaxing effect.

Below are a list of ingredients in each variant of the Cannaline CBD Tea range

Memory & Focus
  • Vervain leaves 25%,
  • Green tea 24%
  • Ginkgo leaves 15%
  • Rosemary leaves 10%
  • Heather leaves 10%
  • Oregano leaves 10%
  • Hemp seed 10%
  • Hemp leaf 1%
Immune system
  • Echinacea 20%
  • Ginkgo 20%
  • Nettle 15%
  • Mint 15%
  • Hemp seed 10%
  • Rosehip 10%
  • Sea buckthorn 9%
  • Hemp leaf 1%
Relax & Anti-stress
  • Lemon balm 35%
  • Rosehip 15%
  • Chamomile 15%
  • Hemp seed 10%
  • Mint 10%
  • Heather 9%
  • Lavender 5%
  • Hemp leaf 1%
  • Bidens 35%
  • Knotweed 16%
  • Rosehip 15%
  • Heather 15%
  • Hemp seed 10%
  • Mint 6%
  • Turmeric 2%
  • Hemp leaf 1%

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