Half Baked Sloth by Chongz is a handy, easy to use and clean glass bong that will do the trick in most situations – giving you cool, filtered smoke every time.

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Half Baked Sloth by Chongz is an exquisite glass beaker bong which is perfect for the clumsier enjoyer of combusting herbs and spices, as it features a large base which prevents it from being toppled over easily. The borosilicate glass is strong and thick, which prevents the fragile glass from breaking easily or shattering in the unlikely event that your half baked (😉) self knocks it over at the smoke sesh.

Standing at a very modest 30cm, this glass bong is tall enough to provide enough room for your smoke to flow and cool, giving you a nice smooth hit that lets you appreciate the flavour of your chosen herb. 🌿

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