A triple-thick, 25cm borosilicate glass bong that glows in the dark. This awesome glow in the dark gorilla bong has an ice catcher for super-smother hits 🥶 and would look amazing in any bong collection


An awesome Glow in the Dark Gorilla Triple Thick Glass Bong that is a fantastic glass waterpipe with an awesome glow in the dark party feature which, standing a very generous 25cm tall. This glass bong is a triple thick borosilicate glass, which makes it extremely tough and durable, able to withstand very high temperatures 🔥

On the front of this bong you’ll find a dope gorilla which glows in the dark, which makes for an interesting collectors piece! If that isn’t enough to sell you on this glow in the dark gorilla bong, then you should know that it has an ice catcher in the downstem for those silky-smooth hits you get from bongs with ice catchers. 🥶

The subtle glow this bong emits at night is perfect for when you wanna hit those late night rips when the lights go out 😉

  • Triple thick borosilicate glass; durable and can withstand high temperatures
  • IT GLOWS IN THE DARK!?! I shouldn’t even need to say more
  • 25cm’s tall, which is respectable
  • Has an ice catcher for silky smooth, icey hits
  • Awesome gorilla design
  • Guaranteed to be a talking piece when you show your friends
  • 14.5mm female joint & 14.5mm male bowl

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Blue, Green, Black

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