Buy a Weed Grinder online

For legal reasons, we only mean “weed grinder” (its intended purpose) if you live in a country where marijuana is legal. If you live in a country where marijuana is illegal, It’s  called a “herb grinder” 😡.

Now that’s cleared up, if you’re looking to buy a quality weed grinder online, look no further, It’s Just a Herb has you covered.

We source and sell only the finest quality cannabis grinders on the market, with sharp teeth, kief catchers (pollen catchers if your Government thinks that a plant is the Devil) and awesome designs. Finding a quality herb grinder can be extremely difficult, you can buy grinders that just end up clumping your precious herb together, clogging up the grinding teeth and giving you repetitive strain injury from constant gripping and turning of your now clogged up cannabis grinder. But worry no more, we understand your pain, our weed grinders should be able to save you from putting a grinder-shaped hole in your wall.😞

Grinders we sell:

Do I really need a herb grinder though?

You can absolutely grind your weed without a weed grinder, but why would you do that to yourself? Cannabis grinders can be extremely cheap and still get the job done, they can also be expensive and over-powered! Nonetheless, a herb grinder is 100% an item you need to add to your smoking accessories.

There is literally no excuse NOT to buy a herb grinder, because most of them, even if they’re cheap, will still effectively grind up your cannabis and make it easier to roll with.

Another reason to use a weed grinder is for that sweet, sweet kief you’ll collect 😍 Kief can be used to supercharge your perfectly rolled joint, or you can throw it in some edibles.

Can I use ground weed in my vape?

Although ground herb is usually associated with rolling papers, you can indeed use your ground herb in a dry herb vaporizer. Other popular methods include dab rigs and bongs.

Am I even allowed to buy herb grinders online?

Yup. Head shops can sell weed grinders and other smoking accessories because they aren’t just used for cannabis, herb grinders can be used for any herb in your kitchen, which you can also smoke. Smoking accessories can typically be used with tobacco too, which is completely legal.

Are there different types of weed grinder?

There sure are, and they all do different things! Obviously, they can be made from different materials, we probably don’t need to explain a wooden herb grinder or metal herb grinder to you, but there are other grinders which you might not be aware of their function!

  • 2 piece grinders are your run-of-the-mill grinders, and will be able to grind up your herbs/tobacco of choice to a satisfactory consistency for your chosen consumption method.
  • 3 piece grinders are the same as your 2 piece grinders, but these ones feature a built in pollen screen for sifting your precious kief.
  • 4 piece grinder come with a pollen screen AND a catcher, to catch the kief in a chamber and all of the finer particles of herb that slipped through the screen, 4 piece weed grinders usually come with a scraper as well to help scrape up all of your delicious kief.
  • 5 piece grinder all of the above but typically has 2 screens for filtering the kief even more.

The grinder you need is really dependent on your usage/your comfort level. You don’t NEED to be catching all of the pollen and creating super-strength rolls, but it does help. A more experienced consumer might not want a 2 piece because they can get clogged up quite easily and it can become very annoying. I always recommend getting a herb grinder with a built in magnet to the lid, to help secure your lid in place and provide smoother motion when grinding!