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What are RAW rolling papers?

RAW have set a very high standard when it comes to rolling papers and smoking accessories. They have created a large range of products to cater for every smoker out there. 😌💨

RAW rolling papers are known for their high quality papers, pre-rolled cones and other smoking accessories. RAW papers are unrefined and unbleached, so you get the cleanest possible smoke.

Josh Kesselman is the king of rolling papers and his RAW brand demonstrates that nicely, also known for owning the most famous flavoured rolling paper brand on the market, Juicy Jay’s. This guy really knows how to roll, too, he releases hilarious content on his Instagram account, and helpful guides on how to roll.

What products do RAW sell?

This brand is not just famous for its high quality, slow-burning natural hemp rolling papers, oh no; they have a collection of smoking accessories that include handy items to help you smoke, to the not-so-helpful but slightly gimmicky products.

RAW have an iconic set of metal rolling trays, pre-rolled cones, extreme challenge cones, mugs and more!

What are the range of RAW rolling papers?

RAW sell so many products and different rolling papers, you’d be hard-pressed to not find the right product for you. There are far too many variations to list here, but you can see our full range here.

The most common rolling papers that we sell here at It’s Just a Herb are: