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Firstly, shout out to all of the OG’s that have been buying up all of our stock before we launched πŸ‘€ when we first started this endeavour, we didn’t think it would take this long to launch, but we also wanted to put a lot of time and effort in to the website, the website content and the images. If we’re being honest, we haven’t even succeeded in that regard yet, because quite a few products are missing descriptions…🀫

Sorry if you found a product without a description, but don’t worry, we have a list and we’re writing more and more descriptions every day.

Moving swiftly on, thanks for stopping by our head shop! We started this store because one of our “smoking circle” received some fake RAW rolling papers. We were watching a video posted on Instagram by Josh KesselmanΒ which showed you how to identify fake RAW rolling papers – which led us down a completely legal (obviously), slightly high venture in to the ever growing market of fake rolling papers and really any counterfeit products. But, being a medicinal user myself, I frequently need to buy smoking accessories and it got me thinking about all the fake products I’ve unknowingly consumed!

The best stock photo I could come up with for “fake products” πŸ™ƒ

Anyway, we decided almost immediately that we should start our own online smoke shop. It’s hard to obtain smoking accessories in the UK anyway, because of how illegal the UK Government has made a tiny little plant and the counterfeit’s are plentiful as a result. We reached out to the official RAW social channels, websites and contacts, to finally find the official wholesaler in the UK. We did the same for all of our other favourite brands, including Juicy Jays, Pax, Elf Bar, Storz and Bickel and more huge brands.

Almost immediately we realised how much effort it is to create a store with high quality product images, high quality product descriptions and be easy to use. It has been 6 months in the making, we’ve taken about 7,900 product images (variations, failed images, minor issues, and so on), but we’re finally here!

Hopefully the time we invested in to the store shows. We’d love to hear your opinion, or you can tell us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or TikTok!

We intend to keep using the blog, and will post helpful tutorials, fun content, competitions and more. We’ve got a lot of content and thoughts to share!

Thanks again for stopping by and we hope you enjoy our website! 😘

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